Television Series 

Vengeance Racing

When you have a GM car and you want to go fast you call Vengeance Racing. Vengeance Racing is located in Cummings, Georgia and is the premiere shop for building world record holding Corvettes, Camaros, and various late model GM performance cars.


Vengeance Racing T.V. show follows the wizards behind the screen as we dive into their day to day operations of bolting on super chargers, completely rebuilding and customizing high performance engines, and fine tuning the whole build on the shops dyno testing machine.


When the rubber meets the road the whole crew loads up and heads to various air strips thoughout the United States. Vengeance racing is known to go fast and push the limits of what is achievable. They will break world records or blow up their car trying. Only to rebuild it stronger, tougher, and faster than before.


Jump into the world that is Vengeance racing and follow the masters of their craft as they build the biggest, badest, and fastest cars on the planet.

Team Members

Jared Petsche 

Executive Producer/ direc 

Greg Overton 

Executive Producer, Direct Drive Media 

Ron Mowen 

Executive Producer, Owner of Vengeance Racing 

Mojo Monroe 

Director of Photography 

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