Vengeance Racing

Television Series  Vengeance Racing When you have a GM car and you want to go fast you call Vengeance Racing. Vengeance Racing is located in Cummings, Georgia and is the premiere shop for building world record holding Corvettes, Camaros, and various late model GM performance cars.   Vengeance Racing T.V. show follows the wizards behind the screen as we…


The Lifted Life

Television Show  The Lifted Life  When It comes to big trucks The Lifted Life has you covered. This T.V show is shown nationally on the Velocity Channel and on Demand on Amazon Prime Video. Stoney Hill Studios was instrumental in season 2,3,and 4 handling all production, video, sound, and photography. FIND OUT MORE


Urban Conversion

airing now on PBS Urban Conversion Follow Gina and Rodman Schley as they embark on their greatest project yet! As they explore their community, renovate their urban farmhouse, and adventure through they great state of Colorado they learn about sustainability, the environment, and elements of nature. This is the third season of Urban Conversion! It…