Colorado Summer of 2018 from Stoney Hill Studios on Vimeo.


Colorado never ceases to amaze me.  From the towering mountains that saunter off in hazy distance.  To the Clear rivers that babble down the pebble banks.  She always amazes.  The green life of the fertile valleys sustained through meticulous irrigation and attention from the farmers to the wild untamed granite faces and ceaseless waterfalls, She always amazes.

Flying has always been a passion.  From soaring through the skies in video games to always claiming a window seat on plane rides even with a parachute on my back I have always appreciated the world from above.  Its a god’s eye view.  and somehow everything changes once you get a few hundred feet up.  The problems below seem smaller and greater at the same time and the various terrains and man made section lines and boundaries mold together revealing the earth the way it was meant to be seen.  As one cohesive and connected planet.

In 2018 Stoney Hill studios has traveled the state of Colorado and beyond flying, filming, and looking for the beauty that often lies hidden.  This footage was filmed in several corners of the state from east to west. front range to western slope.  It contains but is not limited to

Ridgeway, CO

Dillon, Co

Telluride, CO

Glenwood Springs, CO

Dillon, CO

Frisco, CO

Thornton, CO

Westminister, CO

Denver, CO

Leadville, CO

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